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Our Name
Project 14 derived its name from Romans 10:14
which says, "How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not
believed? and how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? and
how shall they hear without a preacher?" Our goal is to BUILD Bible
colleges, TRAIN nationals, and SEND Christians around the world to spread the
gospel of Jesus Christ. Beginning in Nicaragua and spreading to other parts of
the world, it is our mission to proclaim redemption through Jesus Christ by
ministries of word and deed. Ministries of deed are indispensable because a
living and saving faith must manifest itself in deeds of righteousness and
compassion for the poor and needy (James 2:14).

Mission Initiative
We desire to partner with like-minded Christians to evangelize, equip, and encourage nationals around the world to establish New Testament churches. P14GM strives to be a place where the Word of God can be heard, the love of God can be felt, and the name of God can be exalted. Through the P14GM initiative, churches, colleges, camps, and various other ministry
centers can be established for the glory and praise of Jesus Christ our Lord.

The Local Church
We believe every Christian ought to be an involved and integral part of their local church and working to advance the mission of the church world-wide. Each team member for P14GM must be a member in good standing with their local assembly and be aware of the importance and authority of the church. It is our goal to train Baptist pastors and leaders to establish conservative, reasonable, gracious, doctrinally-strong churches with a zeal for souls, a love for God, and grace as a lifestyle. P14GM will be
involved in an aggressive church planting strategy world-wide and will be providing sustained evaluation and assistance to establish local churches.”

Our main emphasis is to build a model strategy in Nicaragua that can be duplicated around the world. While efforts can begin elsewhere, our worldwide vision can never distract us from perfecting  our interests in this region. We have many Nicaraguan and Latin American friends and colleagues who  have already partnered with us for these causes and are actively assisting in the strategies regionally and locally. Nicaragua is the heartbeat and burden of our leadership team and we are fully committed to coming alongside our Nicaraguan brethren to see God reveal Himself fully to these dear people and have the churches and believers experience a great revival.

Global Bible University and OneLife Christian Camps
It is our goal to provide quality and affordable education and experiences for those pursuing Christian character and
leadership. By establishing premier college campuses and camp ministries, national leadership can take advantage of opportunities to strengthen their church, build character in their young people, and provide opportunities for spiritual
growth. Our sixteen-acre campus in Matagalpa, Nicaragua will provide an initial student capacity of up to 100 students per year and hundreds of camper guests per event. Each campus will provide current technologies and resources.

Supporting and Adopting
Our primary focus is to invest in nationals to do the work of the Lord in their own countries. P14GM provides opportunities
for already established mission-minded churches to adopt a community, a pastor, or an international church plant. With proper training, tools, and structure, national leadership is far better equipped to help evangelize their people and establish self-supporting ministries.

Meeting Needs
Our fellow Christians around the world, along with multitudes who live life without Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord,
are hungry for physical relief and are starving for spiritual hope. P14GM is willing to strategically consider opportunities to network with successful business people and burdened churches to help advance the Gospel through the meeting of physical and spiritual needs worldwide. Jesus Christ would often meet the physical needs around Him for the purpose of revealing Himself and His
greater purpose for their lives. It is our interest to meet physical needs for the purpose of revealing the majesty and glory of Jesus Christ, all the while, knowing that meeting physical needs should always give us a chance to demonstrate the love and mercy of God.

How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? - Romans 10:14

After visiting Nicaragua on two separate missions trips, our hearts were burdened for the countless communities in the mountainous regions of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Many of the cities and towns while bustling with activity, have no Bible preaching church and no Gospel witness. 

Our Mission and Purpose is to train national pastors through evangelism and discipleship. National pastors are always better equipped to reach their own people than foreign missionaries. Our burden is to train these national pastors and assist them in the day to day task of starting New Testament churches. It is our belief that every community should have a "lighthouse" in their neighborhood, where they can hear the Gospel, and grow in Christ. 

Over 51% of the population of Nicaragua is under the age of 24. Knowing this, we will be working extensively with children's programs, with the hope of reaching the children as well as the parents. The key to reaching the next generation of Nicaraguans is by reaching out to the entire family unit. We will be planning extensive youth outreach activities and programs with the hopes reaching these precious souls for Christ. 

Please pray for us and consider us for missions support. The need in Nicaragua is great, and we are anxious to begin this great work as soon as possible. We are partnering with Project 14 to accomplish this work, as they have infrastructure already on the ground in Nicaragua already.

To watch our mission video, please click on this link. Crawfords to Nicaragua

Our Mission